"Go Give Them Heaven!"

"Go Give Them Heaven!"

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The End of a Good Thing

With only a week and a half left on the mission, I realized that I probably should update my blog, haha. I am betting a few people are wondering why I am ending the mission and coming home. Not to worry, so am I.

Back on July 22, I had an interview with Stake President Merrill. Going into the interview, both of us had a lot of questions for each other. For me, for instance, I was wondering things like "When I would be set apart?" and so forth. To make things clearer, I had proposed to President Watkins a Service mission opportunity to serve as a Mission Office missionary in the field helping missionaries. The sole objective being the welfare of the missionary. I would accompany them to their lessons and help out where needs be. President Merrill didn't have a full picture of this when I first entered the room. We discussed it a bit, and I realized that this was a bad idea. He shared with me a scripture in D&C 42 verse 11 where we are told that there is a certain order to things within the church. I would be trying to go around the fact of being a Full-time missionary without actually receiving a call. He gave me two propositions: either stay until I felt that I was done, or just simply go home. Since my parents are coming out to California at the end of this week, it would be easiest to just go home with them when they leave.

So that is that. It has really been fun serving out here. Just as another update, I am more than likely going to be deleting my Blog when I get home. There is no real reason to keep it when I have a journal and pictures to provide for memories.

Lastly, my parents talked with my Stake President at home. I am not fully certain if I am going to speak in Church, but if I do, it would be August 31.

Anyways, I don't want to allow myself to get too "trunky" on this blog, haha. Things have been going very well since I have been back in Gilroy. The missionaries have been so kind in taking me back. They even made a cake and poster for me. It was really nice of them. I have done a lot of things for the car lately in making sure that it passes the Smog test and that it is just generally running well. In the mission field, I work with the Spanish Elder only, now that Elder Seelos and Billin are gone. We have visited with all of the families again. They are doing really well.
  • The couple with the sister in the wheelchair are doing well. I think the husband is now working at a job and providing for the family. Though I am not fully certain. On one visit she really broke down and let us know that she loves her Savior Jesus Christ. We even had her say the closing prayer, with some help. This is huge, because she normally can't say the prayer on her own.
  • The family that was baptized, unfortunately, has gone inactive because of work on Sundays. They do have family in from Mexico that are investigating the church.
  • The couple with the baby are looking to get married sometime soon. She really wants to be baptized (He already has been baptized).
  • The single sister who was baptized is doing well. I really haven't visited with her much since I have been back, she has been very busy.
Anyways, I hope everything is well with everyone. Talk to you later.

-Brother Justin Harris

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