"Go Give Them Heaven!"

"Go Give Them Heaven!"

Welcome to my Mission blog. This blog will display any pictures or stories that I will be sending home via mail or email.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mission Update: July 28, 2014

BrElder Justin Harris is sorry to report that his last day in the mission will be August 18th, 2014. He has deeply enjoyed serving in California with many fun stories and experiences.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Work in Monterey/Seaside

It has been massively hard to try to update you all on my blog, emails, etc. I have noticed even at night I am either too tired or too busy to write in my journal. I am thinking that I am going to have to write simple stories to relay the work being done. I doubt that I will be able to share all of the experiences I have had, which is sad since this means that they will be lost. I will do my best, looking back at the experiences,to write as many as I can. I think this will be easiest continuing from the last post and where it left off.

So, again, May 16th I was transferred as a full time Elder to Monterey to work with Elder Hardy. He is from near Preston, Idaho and is a really outstanding missionary. I really respect how he connects with the people and has a way of helping missionaries in need. He needed a companion for the last few weeks of the Transfer, so President Watkins had me step in.

The Monterey District with the Zone Leaders
(BrElder Harris, Elder Black, Elder Hardy, Sister Smith, Sister Stevenson
Elder Fischer)

Our work primarily involved visiting less active members of the ward, scouting out to see who still lived at home or who had moved. There was one cool experience where we were heading to dinner and Elder Hardy had me look up a family name in our ward directory. 

Again, I don't remember my time in Monterey too well, but this is a picture from a few days after the last picture. I am still trying to identify what type of porpoise it is... I was thinking it was a female orca, but the fluke is WAY too small. The skull looks right for it....maybe some other form of porpoise. Gah, anyone else want to play mortician with me?

I was with Elder Hardy until May 27th. Then I was moved to Seaside and worked with Elder Esquivel. We worked with alot of the Hispanic population and received alot of  Latino investigators.

Monterey Peninsula

Elders Esquivel, BrElder Harris, Elder Lopez-Carrasco, Elder Black

Unfortunately, Elder Esquivel was transferred out and I could only stay for two more weeks to train a new companion on the area. I was lucky to receive Elder Green-Bey as a companion. I had met him earlier in helping out Elder Yearsley. My work with him was to primarily maintain contact with our less actives and English based investigators. All of our Spanish Investigators were referred to the Spanish Sisters.

The Monterey and Seaside Districts (minus the Marina Sisters)

ALL of Monterey and Seaside Districts at Compagno's

Spanish Family Home Evening Group

Elder Barney, Elder Green-Bey, BrElder Harris, Elder Black

The Last night in the field with Elder Green-Bey at a Less active's home

Until next post, love you all and hope that you are all doing well!

-BrElder Harris