"Go Give Them Heaven!"

"Go Give Them Heaven!"

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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Spirit is True....Even in Bars

Another week in the Mission Field, another Blog post to write.

When I look back on last week, Wednesday and Thursday were somewhat of a blur (my Spanish days of the week). Elders Crawford, Alonso, and I first visited our sister in the Senior facility. I don't think that I have mentioned her before. She is amazing! She reminds me of a Spanish version of Grandma Clark. I really struggle to understand her, but I feel like she has a very strong testimony. She likes to have us come and sing her himnos. It is a very calming thing for her, I think.

After her, we visited with a man in his bar (don't worry it was during the day and NO ONE was there... kind of as if it was closed). He is a less active member, but has a testimony of fire, seriously WOW! I don't remember what we were talking with him about, but towards the end our our discussion a lady comes in and he invites her to come and sit with us. She was polite, but I don't think she was interested. After him, we visited with our other families that we normally visit with. Ending with a couple (whom are not married) and struggling deciding on getting married. We told them that they need to get married or they are breaking commandments. They both are very solid in the gospel, so I am hopeful for the best!

Then on Thursday, We visited again at the bar but had the man's cook and her son discuss what the church is. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear their responses, since I was on the other end of the table, but the spirit was really strong. We invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know whether or not it is true. After meeting at the bar, we met at Mimi's Cafe as a District to celebrate Hermana Anderson's and Busdicker's year mark. I really enjoy it when we get together as a District, we are all a really strong close-knitted family. However, lunch went over and we were late to St. Joseph's. While at St. Joseph's, I got a call from Elder Clark that I was to pack my bags and be ready in the morning to head to Monterey. I was really anxious and nervous. So, that is what I did. St. Joseph ended at 4, I dropped the Elders off at their apartment and went home to pack.

Friday morning came, and Grandpa and I met Elder Hardy at the Red Robin on Cochrane. We departed, had lunch in Central Morgan Hill, and left for Monterey. In Monterey, Elder Hardy and I worked and finished a Ward record, which took about 2-3 hours to complete. I can't entirely remember. After that, we headed to Carmel, and had dinner with a small family. They were really nice, and definitely a liberal Mormon type. They weren't judgmental which was really nice. Really laid back and enjoying life. After them, we tried visiting with people, but didn't eventually get to talk with anyone.

Saturday: We woke up at 5:30 am to go hiking/running. That fell through, no complaints. The afternoon consisted of cleaning the church, grabbing lunch, talking with Elder Black (one of the Monterey Zone Leaders) while gardening at a Community Garden. After that, we headed to the church and made a dinner for two investigators, one who was really sick and the other who was taking care of him. We delivered it and returned to the church for a Movie for Investigators/Less Actives. We watched the Testament. After that we headed home and called it a night.

Sunday: Ward Council was an interesting experience. I have never been in one and it turned out in being nothing more than I expected: a meeting of nothing more than addressing needs of each area in the Church. The corresponding ward (to the Ward Council) was the Monterey 1st ward. Sacrament meeting was good. I loved the amount of Military members and their children. THERE WERE TONS OF CHILDREN. It was so nice to hear crying and rustling of papers. I never would imagine myself saying that but it is true. Gospel Principles was great. The teacher spoke on the Holy Ghost and His help for us. WE only were able to attend for about 20 minutes. We had a lot of things that were needing to be done. After that, we headed to the Sacrament meeting for the YSA ward where I ran into this kid.....

MICHAEL WINWARD!!!! What the heck is he doing out here in Monterey!?! As it turns out, he is working with the Military and is doing really well. I am so happy for him! We had our Lunch appointment with an amazing family, and had various appointments throughout the day. We had scripture study at a Counselors house in the YSA ward. It was really cool because it was primarily for helping Military members learn to read their languages. The house itself was gorgeous and the view was priceless! 

After that, we ended the night.

And that catches us up to Prep. Day Monday. So far all we have done today is laundry. I hope that you are all well, take care.

-BrElder Justin Harris

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