"Go Give Them Heaven!"

"Go Give Them Heaven!"

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shakes, Locks, and Transfer Calls

Wow, I really don't know what to say to describe these last few weeks. It is almost a month later and I am finally writing again. Times slips by so fast and I really haven't been observant to updating.

For me, it feels like it has been nothing but work, work, work (which is good). I am always out with the Elders enjoying Gilroy and talking with people.

The first and foremost thing that I am excited to say is that the parents (the father being in the one in hospital) both...not necessarily "re-committed" to baptism, but moved their date for baptism. They got their baptismal interviews done and were baptized on the 26th of April. It was a really emotionally uplifting day since it marked a day in which another family started a path together for being together forever. In a year, they can go to the temple to be sealed! It is really exciting.

In addition to this exciting day, Hermana Zidek and Elder Prince were both able to attend. So, it made the day even more special to talk with them and see how they were doing. All in all a really great night!

May 1st, I received a phone call from Elders Clark and Olsen (the Travelling AP's, they are awesome!) much to my surprise since I rarely talk with them. I missed the call, but called them back to find out that they had a Transfer Call for me. Ok, for those of you who are playing at home now is your chance to chime in with your questions. HUH????? WHAAAAA???? (**said like the Despicable Me minion**) Honestly, I was taken aback because I am not supposed to be receiving Transfer Calls. I am not even a missionary with the Mission. At first I said that I really couldn't, because this whole thing has been set up with me coming home after a few hours. After the first day here, I really have weighed what I can and can't do. It really was a "I don't want to risk anything" type of answer. However, after much prayer and talking with my mom, I realized that it was the wrong answer and was also a really selfish answer. The Lord can't change me if I am stubborn and hard hearted, no?

As I later found out (after saying yes that I would accept the transfer call) President Watkins really needed me to accept it. He has a missionary (somewhere) who is currently serving without a companion and is with a mini-missionary. That mini-missionary doesn't have much time left and he needed someone to take the Elder to the next transfer. So that would be me. I am really nervous about it especially since I haven't heard back from the AP's. I don't know the details, like would I need my car? Anyways, it is better not to think about it.

Last Monday was Cinco De Mayo, and it was really fun. Las Hermanas planned Prep. Day and had us all playing broom hockey. It was awesome, until the brooms broke and everyone was getting cut, BUT STILL really awesome. We played soccer for the remainder of our time, then everyone departed. After that, unfortunately, the Del Rey Elders locked their only set of keys into the trunk of their car. The Gavilian Brannch (Spanish) Elders really needed to get to their apartment. So I drove them to the house to get a wire coat hanger (from the sisters) then they changed. On the way back we grabbed 7 shakes and fries from McDonald's for the 7 of us (2 Del Rey, 2 Gavilian Branch, 2 Zone Leaders, and me). (Hahaha, it was priceless seeing the guy at the windows reaction!) However, It was massively uncomforting paying that much for Fast Food, but everyone was hungry so it worked out. When we got back, the Zone Leaders were gone so we had two extra fries and shakes. Anyways, long story shorter...I got the Spanish Elders off to their dinner appointment and at the same time the other Elders had a car-locksmith come and open their car.

Saturday was a great day. Do you remember the English family I told you about with the mother and the four children. The mother was baptized! Another great baptism! In greater news, the custody that the dad has over the kids may not be as big (I am not too certain) and they may be being baptized later this week!

All last week I was really focused on getting my paperwork started and going. They are all filled out and into the Bishop. I met with him on Sunday (Mother's Day) and we concluded that I need more time to prove that I can do this. I am struggling with some elements of the daily mission life (ex. waking up at 6, daily scripture study, etc.) and so he is going to give me another 3 weeks to prove that I am committed to this. Fortunately, for me, I am hoping to be on this Transfer while I am gone. If I can succeed there I will, hopefully, succeed with getting the last harder things down.

That is the latest with me. We had Prep. Day yesterday and Zone Conference today. It was really good! President and Sister Watkins were both in attendance. I like how they started out with a Question and Answer session. The focus was primarily on the Future with families and school. I gained a ton and will need to review my notes again.

I hope you are all doing well,

-BrElder Justin Harris

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