"Go Give Them Heaven!"

"Go Give Them Heaven!"

Welcome to my Mission blog. This blog will display any pictures or stories that I will be sending home via mail or email.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Estoy Flacito

What a week, what a week!

Immediately, transfers somewhat hit me hard. Elder Prince, Sister Christensen, and Sister Zidek were all transferred, but they all have amazing new companions and I know that they are all doing amazing things. They are amazing people! However, I do miss them. On the flip side, I am really excited to get to know Sister Black (Sister Teitjen's new companion), Sister Busdicker (Sister Anderson's new companion), and Elder Crawford (Elder Alonso's new companion). They are all fantastic and hard-working missionaries. I am excited for the opportunity to work with them.

Backing up a bit, last week (April 6-12) the Spanish family that was interested in the church all committed to baptism. It was great and mush rejoicing of heart commenced, but that was short lived. The mother called Elder Prince and Alonso the next day to let them know that both the mother and father couldn't be baptized and there was no reason why. Also, the father was hospitalized with crazy sinus problems. He was bleeding really badly, but the doctors couldn't diagnose why... It was nothing but a ton of questions and "Why's?". the good news is that the older son and the daughter were interviewed and were baptized last Sunday (April 13th). Unfortunately the parents couldn't attend since the father was in the hospital.

It was funny, as I was getting ready to go to the baptism, I received a text asking if I could baptize the daughter. I was shocked somewhat, since I wasn't really planning on doing anything, but said yes and grabbed my white clothing on the way out. The service was great. Again in Spanish, but the spirit was so strong. When it was time to get baptized, the daughter really struggled and was nervous, but she did it! We were all so proud of her! Then she got to watch her brother be baptized by Branch President President DeSamones. Again, it was a really great baptism.

As for THIS week, it was a massive blur. Transfers on Tuesday, lessons on Wednesday with Less-actives and the Sister who was baptized a few weeks ago, follow up Lessons on Thursday with the family with the son and daughter who were baptized. Oh, hahahaha, I have to take a break for a sec. and tell a story. So when we go over, the Spanish family has a young boy who likes to compare the Elders in some way or another. Like a few weeks ago it was by out ties. I thought it was super cool. However, that night, he decided to describe us. I was the first and he said that I was "flacito" or "small and thin." Massive compliment!! He kept saying it over and over, like when the sister came over, and like twice during the lesson. Also, I am a Power Ranger too. I don't remember which color though.

Friday with the English Elders going to lessons as well. Again, Nothing really stands out, I am sorry.

I am hopeful that everyone is well,

Take Care,

-Brelder Harris

Monday, April 7, 2014

When it Rains....

So two weeks ago was a really great week. I was able to visit with a lot of really great people in Gilroy with both the Spanish and English Elders.

Again, we have been visiting with the Family that is desirous of getting baptized. We taught them about Priesthood Blessings and how it worked. It seemed like the two boys were very much interested in it.

Earlier that same day, we visited with an AMAZING and lively couple who have been through it all and yet still turn to the Lord for their strength. It was a real testimony builder for me listening to them and their stories and current hardships. They were saying that they were moving, but I am extremely hopeful that they are able to stay in Gilroy. I love them so much, I hope to see them again.

Lastly, a few days later, Elder Prince, Alonso and I had a joined lesson with las Hermanas (Anderson and Zidek) with a Spanish family. They are investigating the church, and I believe that they have committed to baptism. I love them, I love how the spirit was also so strong in their house. We taught them about the 10 Commandments, and immediately they were so strong with "I will do that!" They are a really strong family. I am excited for them and their baptism. I need to double check when their baptism is though...

Ok, As for last week...I was out cold. Thursday night, (right after the visit with the Spanish family) I came home and was dead tired. I woke up Friday with a Stomach ache, head ache, sore throat, etc. I took Friday off to rest. Saturday, I had a bad sore throat, as with Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday were the worst. I had a 101 degree fever with massive nasal congestion. It was not fun. Wednesday through Friday I took off to rest because I have this really bad cough (that I still have). I am really worried that it is the old pneumonia stuff like in the MTC. It is about the same time too (2 months into the mission). Which reminds me, this Friday is 2 months, wow!

This week looks like it will be pretty open. I am better and ready to get moving again. Today, for Prep. Day we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was fun, but really rushed. I was slightly bummed because everyone wasn't really that enthused about the Marine Life that we were viewing as I was. It was still fun.

Just a few of my favorite pictures that I took

Hoping everything is well with everyone,

-Brelder Justin Harris