"Go Give Them Heaven!"

"Go Give Them Heaven!"

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

When (Anonymous) was Baptized, down in the Font in Morgan (Hill)

The mission really has been progressing for me. A lot of reoccurring issues and fears are slowly being resolved and I am slowly feeling like I am getting stronger in the faith. Mornings are always rough, (haha, but when is it not for ANY missionary) but I always seem to be entering the mission field each day. I do feel that the Lord has been blessing me slowly and surely. I am so very grateful for the strength and love that I have. My relations with the Catholics in the area have been getting better (or that I am understanding their culture/religion better) and am hopeful that nothing will happen to change this. I love the people of Gilroy, they are really great.

So last Tuesday, Elders Seelos, Billin and Sisters Christensen, Tietjen, and I visited with a family (again names won't be used) who was eager to be baptized into the church. It was more than a miracle that we met with them. Their home felt unlike most of the homes that we entered. To me, it felt like a place of love and the Spirit. In explanation to this, the mother was born into an LDS family. She married a man and they were sealed into the temple, but a year later had their baptisms removed, pretty much canceled everything, and left the church. Much happened and they were divorced. That is the negative, I REALLY want to focus on this family in a positive light; they are great I am hoping to see them again. There are 4 children that the mother is raising: 2 daughters (17, 13-14) and 2 sons (11, 9). We weren't able to meet the daughters, but the sons were amazing. The 11 year old really wants to join the Boy Scouting program. I honestly have never seen anyone so desirous to get rank advancement before. The younger son is extremely intelligent. He was telling us about a book he was reading in class about Mother Teresa. Anyways, the family was amazing and really I couldn't feel much contention or anger in the home. A lesson was taught by the Sisters and all three of them committed to baptism. I think with time the boys will come to understand more about the church, but the mother is more than ready to jump back into the church. I am so happy for them!

The other great thing that happened this week was our Spanish sister's baptism. Elder Alonso y Prince (whom I work with, now, every Wednesday and Thursday. I am no longer in the mission office) prepared her for the Baptismal Interview on Wednesday, which she later had. Her service was on Saturday. It was really great. Her family was there and everyone was really happy. She was smiling the entire time. I really saw the Spirit of the Lord in her, and this was before the service even began! The service itself was entirely in Spanish, which was fun to participate in! I was surprised that I understood most of what was being said. Elder Seelos and Billin were there as well, I should have asked them if they understood what was being said. Elder Prince gave an amazing talk on Baptism and the strength that comes from being a member. Then, it was great watching her be baptized. She really glowed with the Spirit even more, and wouldn't stop smiling. She requested that I give the Confirmation, which I did. I have to say that it wasn't the best Confirmation that probably has ever been given, but I was grateful to the Lord and the Priesthood strength that I felt in the circle. My spanish is still coming back, so I really had to practice the beginning of the confirmation. I was amazed at how emotional it was. The Spirit was so strong that I started crying a bit. In the end, I give full credit to the Lord: it was the Lord's blessing to her, not mine, and it was still good. Afterwards, we finished. I am excited to visit with her this week for the post-baptismal lessons.

Again, another week begins. I am hopeful for the upcoming week. I hope that you are all well.

Take Care,

"Brelder" Justin Harris

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