"Go Give Them Heaven!"

"Go Give Them Heaven!"

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Friday, March 14, 2014

"That Sounds Legit" - The Church is True!!

Just as an explanation to the title, Elder Seelos and I were teaching a boy about the importance of being re-baptized into the LDS Church by one with the proper priesthood authority. It was somewhat of a hard lesson since he was ill and not really able to focus. Elder Seelos was explaining the linage of authority in which a Priesthood Brother has, when the boy responded that it "Sounds Legit". You have to understand that this boy was about 13-14 and EXTREMELY intelligent. Just by how he worded his sentences, it was impressive.

Things have gotten worse. I really have wanted to come home. I feel pointless, like I can't really do anything out here worth while. When it comes to the reality of the situation, I am a member who wants to help the missionaries. I will never be a single proselyting missionary and the reality hit me really hard. I was feeling this way for quite some time, and then the light turned on. I was with the Spanish Elders (Elders Alonso y Prince) when I realized that I really am not out here for me. I am out here to be helping others to come unto Christ. I really love the people that I am helping the Elders teach. I have really told myself that I need to stay for them. Next Saturday is a baptism for the one woman whom we started to teach only 3 weeks ago! Again, I shouldn't say her name on here, but I am more than ecstatic for her. I have also grown to love the Less active family that we visit with each Wednesday. I really can't leave until he gets the Priesthood and they are doing well. They have become such great friends! So again, I am grateful for the Lord.

I really have no new updates...OH!, Elder Davis was transferred to Prunedale near Monterey. There have been a lot of accidents down there and the President needed drivers who can be safe while driving. Also, I hit the one month mark! Exactly four weeks today! I hope that my service has been good, but will be better in the future. I am excited to learn and grow more in the Gospel.

Take Care,

-"Brelder" Harris

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