"Go Give Them Heaven!"

"Go Give Them Heaven!"

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Onward Every Onward... AS WE GLORY IN HIS NAME!!!

This last little while has been a stress. The new missionaries came in yesterday or last night, and so it was really fun to meet some of them today. I am officially not the "new guy" anymore...even though I really never felt that way. Everyone in the mission is really nice and accepting. It might explain why California San Jose Mission is #1 in California. Haha, I don't know if that is true, but it sure feels like it! Our President is amazing, the missionaries are hard at work. I am so blessed to be here.

However, everything hasn't been super peachy as it seems. I would say that things have been really rough in the learning. I am noticing that with time contacting is getting better, but I still am having issues with my testimony and I am really getting shaken around by the Catholics. They are everywhere (and are super great people), but they can be on top of you in a second mocking your failures. I have messed up and am not perfect, and it almost seems that they are really judgmental about the Elders being perfect. Maybe I am over-judgmental about them. I think I will blame myself, not them.To be honest, there really are many humble and kind Catholics in the area and I really enjoy talking with them. The Mormons really take the hit in California and the Catholics know it. They are our biggest ally and we have run into several people who have defended our beliefs to others. So just like the LDS members, you have your extreme ends.

Other than that, The Adversary has really been a constant threat. He has always been making me remember past issues that have been resolved or random faults that make me feel bad that happened...years ago when I was weaker in the faith. I wouldn't mind an off button, HOWEVER I can say that my fear levels are slowly dying. Please thank everyone for their prayers. They are duly noted and felt every day.

Anyways, sad and boring stuff over. The Gilroy District is amazing. They/We aren't the top of the mission, but are definitely doing well. Last Saturday alone there were 7 baptisms and at least 3 of those were Spanish Baptisms. I did not attend, but I heard it was wonderful. With the Spanish Elders, we (aka They) have been teaching a woman who is more than wonderful. She is so willing and I hope and know that she is blessed by the Lord. Her whole family is LDS and she immediately committed to Baptism after the first real lesson that we had with her. On top of that, she went to church on Sunday (One down, two more to go). Elders Alonso y Prince set a date for March 22. I am so excited for her. I HAVE to be there when she gets baptized.

Let's see...other great stories to tell. Erm...while I think I will let you know that I was passed by a cop car on the Freeway. Yeah, going 65 mph and he passes going ABOVE the speed limit. Made me laugh. Oh! I helped teach a lesson with Elder Billin. He and Elder Davis met a man named <error: mission identity protection> on the street and he said that he was really interested in learning more about the Gospel. We went to his home and his wife answered the door (he wasn't home). She said that she wasn't really interested and may not be worth our time, but she WAS! Gosh, she was awesome, again I am disclosing her name. She was mentioning that she was apart of a bible study group, but just wasn't sure about things. She said there are so many churches out there, and she really seemed frustrated by which one was true. Sounds familiar? Elder Billin introduced her to the Book of Mormon. She seemed interested in it. I REALLY hope that she reads it and gets some of her questions answered. Again, she was a massive delight to talk to. She deserves answers.

Anyways, I am running out of time. I hope that you all are well. Today Elder Yearsley and I went to Seaside and Monterey to move some furniture in a few apartments. I was in heaven! Here are some of the pictures I took.

The Shore off Moss Landing

A Marina off Moss Landing

Bay view from a set of Elder's apartment

Fisherman's Wharf, Aquarium, and Cannery Row...too bad it wasn't Prep. Day!

-Brother/Elder "Brelder" Justin Harris

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